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Primary Care Medical Clinic


Alpha Advantage is a medical clinic that launched in 2021. Alpha offers a unique care model that blends primary care with performance medicine, with the goal of franchising locations nationwide.

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Establishing a brand presence and identity in a highly competitive market with a limited budget was a major undertaking. Our challenge was to create an effective branding and marketing strategy and to grow organically.


The foundation of a good marketing strategy is SEO. Upon doing keyword research, we were able to craft content to make the company findable:

*Build an attractive website to attract and convert patient leads

*Create a social media content strategy

*Register with Google My Business, Yelp for local SEO

*Create a YouTube for video searches

Next, we needed a way to convert patient leads into appointments:

*Create a lead automation protocol with self-scheduling with text and email appointment reminders

*Implemented patient registration software fully integrated with the EHR

*Create a lead warming journey for non-converted patient leads

Now that the patient is in the door, we needed a way to showcase their high value services:

*Create in-office flyers and banners

*Create a waiting room video loop

*Create a monthly newsletter

Once the infrastructure was in place and the clinic was fully operational, we were ready to advertise directly to patients:

*Create landing pages for each campaign

*Google pay-per-click

*Facebook ads


*Lifetime Fitness



By employing a multi-channel approach, we were able to help the clinic establish a presence in the local market, boost website traffic, grow the patient base, and increase revenue.


Here are the results:

Organic impressions on social media over 12 months

Increase Revenue

per patient


Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

new patients


Increase Revenue

year over year

Doctor's Desk

Are you ready to grow your medical clinic to new heights?

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