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Biologics Manufacturer


Exocel Bio is a biotech company focused on developing innovative therapeutics and solutions utilizing exosomes-based technology for various medical applications. (4).jpg
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The biologics market is fiercely competitive, making it challenging for companies like Exocel Bio to swiftly advance their technology while ensuring their innovations stand out amidst a crowded field.

Effective marketing plays a pivotal role in Exocel Bio's success by articulating the complex science behind their innovations into compelling narratives that resonate with diverse stakeholders.


The target audience for this company's products are aesthetics clinics, so creating a strong social media presence containing intruiging posts with visually appealing creatives is essential:

*Create a social media content strategy

*Focus on product education and benefits

*Design posts that drive engagement (reels, carousels)

*Create and manage a Linktree to highlight most relevant links

While exosomes are the fastest growing segment of regenerative aesthetics, awareness of these products are still relatively low. Next, we created resources to drive awareness:

*Wrote and designed downloadable E-books to educate on the different facets of exosomes

*Created educational and promotional videos

*Optimize YouTube channel for maximum reach

*Create flyers and other marketing resources for reps and distributors

Additional items to scale business:

*Created an LMS system to train reps and distributors

*Write relevant blogs to improve SEO

As the customer base grows, we polinate existing customers and leads with regular touch points:

*Email drip campaigns for each market segment

*Monthly newsletters featuring industry insights, company updates, customer success stories, and helpful tips


We created a well-rounded marketing campaign designed to push customers through distributors, and pull customers organically through educational material and compelling social media content.

Here are the results:

YouTube views


Email open rate

(industry average 21.5%)


Increase in Instagram followers

1 year

E-book downloads

Doctor's Desk

Are you ready to grow your medical business to new heights?

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