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Our Projects

Check out some of our other transformative projects, where data-driven strategies meet creative brilliance to elevate healthcare brands into the digital forefront.

Patient Testimonial

Strategy, Videography

Medical Spa

Authentically showcase the positive experiences and results of real clients, fostering trust, and attracting new customers.

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Copywriting & Design

Medical Distributor

New website, seamlessly blending intuitive design with cutting-edge functionality, crafted by Gnosis to elevate user experience, establish credibility, and strategically position the brand.


Copywriting & Design

Medical Distributor

Beautiful E-book connected to a landing page with an automated drip campaign.

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Copywriting & Design

Medical Services Company

We helped a startup Remote Patient Monitoring company create a digital impression of the company that embodies expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Video Intro

Customized Design

DTC Lifestyle Brand

Customized video intro for podcast series.

Increase brand awareness and recognition.

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Case Study

Copywriting & Design

Medical Finance Company

A case study is a powerful way to provide social proof in an original way. Case studies provide confirmation from other customers that your services can solve a problem for them.

Client Testimonial 

Strategy, Videography

Medical Software Company

Investing in a customer testimonial video builds trust, emotional connection, social proof, showcases benefits, differentiates your brand, and offers versatile marketing material, ultimately driving business growth.

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Medical Training Platform

Create and optimize a YouTube channel to expand audience. Create compelling content to boost subscribers and engagement. SEO optimization.

Facebook Ads

Copywriting & Design

Men's Health Brand

Designed original ad campaign to launch new ED medication.

Screenshot 2024-03-02 152108.png

Recipe Reels

Videography & Design

Medical Companies

Recipe reels offer a visually captivating and interactive way to engage your audience, enticing them with tantalizing dishes while sparking their curiosity and encouraging interaction.

Promo Video

Copywriting & Design

DTC Lifestyle Brand

Promotional video for YouTube channel trailer, website, and social media advertising.

White Paper

Research, Copywriting, Design

Medical Software Company

Creating a white paper can elevate your business's authority and credibility in your industry, attracting potential clients and driving meaningful engagement with your brand

Trade Show Loop


Medical Software 

Draw people to your trade show booth with an eye-catching video loop to play at your trade show display.


Copywriting, Design

Medical Billing Company

Keep clients engaged and informed about new services, promotions, and industry insights, fostering loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Waiting Room Loop


Med Spa

Enhance the client experience by showcasing services, promotions, and educational content, keeping clients informed and entertained while they wait.

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